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IPT Energy Center (IPTEC)

At IPT, we earnestly care about leaving a positive impact on Lebanon, its people, and the world at large. And we want our work to be meaningful long into the future. This is why a branch of our CSR efforts exclusively centers on the challenges, difficulties, and concerns that are unique to the energy, oil, and gas sector. To fuel this CSR drive further, IPT established an unprecedented specialized research center: IPT Energy Center (IPTEC). IPTEC conducts research and scientific studies on energy, oil, and gas in Lebanon. The center not only does research in the fields of energy, oil, and gas but actively strives to enhance knowledge on energy conservation and efficient energy use to reduce environmental pollution resulting from the use of energy sources, promote the use of clean, alternative and renewable energy solutions, and more.

To date, IPTEC has been focusing on the status of the energy sector, energy efficiency and renewable energy in Lebanon, and Lebanon’s Offshore Petroleum Resources. It is also behind many pivotal projects including the National Campaign for Air Pollution Reduction in Lebanon through Efficient Energy Use in Land Transportation and Workshop on Air Pollution from Land Transportation in Lebanon. IPTEC also launched the Eco-Driver Campaign, the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA), as well as many workshops and seminars. Many similar activities and agreements with national and international institutions will continuously come to life in the name of promoting sustainable development in the energy sector. All this is just the beginning!

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