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Thu Jan 07, 2021
IPT January Calendar 2021

A new year has begun; IPT's 2021 Calendar focuses on celebrating a 100 Years of Lebanon!
We start with January highlighting Lebanon's beautiful mountains.
Explore our Calendar and check Victor Guerin’s says about that: "Lebanon is one of the most beautiful mountains areas on Earth. It has greatness and prestige that capture the attention of the tourist".

Our calendar this year is an inspiration tool to all of us! Here is what how it starts...

You have your Lebanon and I have mine; your Lebanon is a political knot while my Lebanon is a place of beauty and dreams”. Gibran Khalil Gibran 

Today more than ever, we need to hang on to the resiliency that we have been known for as Lebanese. And more than ever, we need to hang on to all the positive things we love about our Lebanon: the beautiful landscapes, the diversity, the local talent, and the cultural heritage and traditions that we carry with us. These attributes that we pride ourselves for have also been recognized internationally and have caught the eye of many poets and famous personalities. It is always a good occasion to see our country through their eyes, and be reminded that we should not lose faith in it nor in our abilities.

In that context, IPT has embraced this chance to adopt a new work ethic: Crisis brings opportunity and change. We started working according to this new motto and would like to extend our invitation to you, our customers and partners to get through this period together, and reshape the new business landscape we will be operating in. Together we can face the unparalleled challenges, to emerge stronger from the crisis and witness Lebanon rising again. 

With the same dedication, we are committed now more than ever to remain resilient and continue with our mission; We are Here to Stay, and we will always be “Here for You” to serve you the best way possible, always considering your well-being, satisfaction, and safety as our top priority."

Watch January animation.