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Our success story in the oil and gas industry is the result of years of hard work in which we focused on providing innovative products and services. We worked hard throughout the years to meet the growing market demand in Lebanon and deliver excellent customer service around the clock in accordance with our business ethics and culture. We succeeded in building closer connections and better communication with stakeholders. We are proud that our customers’ recommend us, suppliers seek for long-term relationships, and partners pursue for long lasting collaborations.

  • Charles Arbid

    Charles Arbid

    President, Economic Social Council
    "In difficult times, IPT overcame obstacles and succeeded to become a strong brand and an icon in Lebanon that adds value to the sector thanks to its good management and resilience. What differentiates IPT from other local companies is its interest in social responsibility and in building strategic partnerships with multinational companies."

  • Ramy Boujawdeh

    Ramy Boujawdeh

    Deputy General Manager, Berytech
    "At Berytech we come across a large number of businesses and organizations that support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs we support, but one of them that stands out is IPT Group, with whom we align on many principles. IPT, through its IPTEC arm, is supporting Berytech in its Cleantech track working closely on supporting innovation in the field of sustainability and efficient use of energy, water, transportation and beyond, involving innovators, youth and women, to start new businesses, and scale them to the world. Berytech has also worked closely with IPT Group on many initiatives including hackathons and many other areas related to sustainability and the environment."

  • Lena Dergham

    Lena Dergham

    General Director, Libnor
    "IPT's 1st CSR report is an important milestone in the sustainability journey of IPT. I would like to highlight the significant number of initiatives and  activities that have been launched by IPT and that are mentioned in this report, and emphasize on their positive impact on the environment and society. But most importantly this report shows how CSR culture is embedded within IPT’s DNA. I would also like to thank IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) for organizing the 2nd edition of "Energy Awareness Awards" (EAA 2018-2019) that recognized for the first time the effort of public institutions in addition to individuals and private organizations for their significant contributions to energy and  sustainability in Lebanon."

  • Fadi Jreissati

    Fadi Jreissati

    Minister, MoE
    "The SDGs and social responsibility are much about giving back to the society. IPT is the best example of a responsible business, ready to give back to the society and to embrace the green economy and IPT Vice chairman Dr. Toni Issa is the best example of a successful yet socially responsible businessman."