Our success story in the oil and gas industry is the result of years of hard work in which we focused on providing innovative products and services. We worked hard throughout the years to meet the growing market demand in Lebanon and deliver excellent customer service around the clock in accordance with our business ethics and culture. We succeeded in building closer connections and better communication with stakeholders. We are proud that our customers’ recommend us, suppliers seek for long-term relationships, and partners pursue for long lasting collaborations.

  •  Assaad Nakad

    Assaad Nakad

    CEO, Electricite De Zahle (EDZ)
    "I would like to thank everyone at IPT for their excellent work, aftersales follow up and professionalism. I do recall those days with severe weather conditions and in spite of all difficulties and roads blocked with snow, they were able to transport and deliver the fuel to keep our power plant ongoing. I highly recommend IPT as one of the best in their business and would certainly keep on the good business with them."

  •  Souhad BouChabke

    Souhad BouChabke

    Operations Director, Gandour
    "IPT has proven over the course of the past three years to be among our most reliable suppliers. After-sales service is quite above standard, and the quality of products is remarkable; we currently purchase IPT Diesel and we have a greater interest in broaden our business portfolio together. We expect Gandour and IPT collaboration to expand over the coming period to benefit from more amenities such as Fuel Cards or other employee-related services."

  •  Chadi Kreidy

    Chadi Kreidy

    General Manager, Sanita
    "IPT is one among our trustful suppliers; the high level of service and dedication along with professionalism were behind the partnership we have succeeded to build during the past four years."

  • Jimmy Moussa

    Jimmy Moussa

    HR Manager, Droguerie Phenicia
    "Choosing IPT as one of our main suppliers didn't come by chance.
    As a pharmaceutical company that puts its reputation as a top priority, I can say that we were able to feel the difference everytime we use IPT Fuel Cards; we are satisfied of the professional cards service and we are here to affirm that GoGas Corporate Card is helping us control and monitor our fuel expenses. On another note, I recommend Quantum, the eco-fuel from IPT as it has proven to last longer and reduce our fuel consumption."