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  • Charles Arbid

    Charles Arbid

    President, Economic Social Council
    "In difficult times, IPT overcame obstacles and succeeded to become a strong brand and an icon in Lebanon that adds value to the sector thanks to its good management and resilience. What differentiates IPT from other local companies is its interest in social responsibility and in building strategic partnerships with multinational companies."

  • Ramy Boujawdeh

    Ramy Boujawdeh

    Deputy General Manager, Berytech
    "At Berytech we come across a large number of businesses and organizations that support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs we support, but one of them that stands out is IPT Group, with whom we align on many principles. IPT, through its IPTEC arm, is supporting Berytech in its Cleantech track working closely on supporting innovation in the field of sustainability and efficient use of energy, water, transportation and beyond, involving innovators, youth and women, to start new businesses, and scale them to the world. Berytech has also worked closely with IPT Group on many initiatives including hackathons and many other areas related to sustainability and the environment."

  • Lena Dergham

    Lena Dergham

    General Director, Libnor
    "IPT's 1st CSR report is an important milestone in the sustainability journey of IPT. I would like to highlight the significant number of initiatives and  activities that have been launched by IPT and that are mentioned in this report, and emphasize on their positive impact on the environment and society. But most importantly this report shows how CSR culture is embedded within IPT’s DNA. I would also like to thank IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) for organizing the 2nd edition of "Energy Awareness Awards" (EAA 2018-2019) that recognized for the first time the effort of public institutions in addition to individuals and private organizations for their significant contributions to energy and  sustainability in Lebanon."

  • Fadi Jreissati

    Fadi Jreissati

    Minister, MoE
    "The SDGs and social responsibility are much about giving back to the society. IPT is the best example of a responsible business, ready to give back to the society and to embrace the green economy and IPT Vice chairman Dr. Toni Issa is the best example of a successful yet socially responsible businessman."

  • Aurore Feghali

    Aurore Feghali

    General Director of Oil, MoEW
    "IPT has always been a pioneer in launching green projects in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Oil Directorate. The EAA is an example of a one-of-a-kind initiative that contributes to improving energy sustainability in Lebanon. This program has given institutions the chance to show their efforts in the field of sustainability and efficient use of energy. I acclaim the determination of IPT to continuously execute such projects which also reduce pollution and improve environmental performance."

  • Elie Medawar

    Elie Medawar

    Chairman and CEO, Medbox SAL
    "We believe that IPT is concerned not only about safeguarding the environment but also about the well-being of people. IPT is building a heart-safe company and was the first in Lebanon to install the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device on its gas station to help people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. "

  • Darina Saliba Abi Chedid

    Darina Saliba Abi Chedid

    Director of the International Center for Human Sciences, UNESCO
    "I applaud IPT's outstanding work. By adopting the Energy and Environmental strategy, IPT is contributing in achieving the SDG7 which is extremely important. Without the progress in SDG7, it would be impossible to achieve the 2040 agenda for sustainable development. I think that IPT's green initiatives will encourage the government, NGOs, and other businesses and stakeholders to coordinate efforts to contribute towards a greener development."

  • Fares Kikano

    Fares Kikano

    Energy Expert, Enexys
    "I have been very much honored to work with IPT Group in 2015, as part of an International Finance Corporation- IFC Sustainable Energy Finance program in Lebanon. The works consisted of developing an energy and environmental strategy report which led to the implementation of best practices in energy efficiency and environmental impact reduction, and the launching of the first sustainable petrol station in Lebanon. Imagine the impact on the well-being of the people living in and around the cities where hundreds of petrol stations implement such initiatives: lower VOC emissions, no ground water contamination risks, water reuse in car wash, green spaces reducing heat island effects, less GHG emissions, less energy consumption, to name only a few. We can proudly say that it became a reality with Dr. Toni Issa and IPT Team in Amchit and we hope to see the example followed all around Lebanon."

  •  Assaad Nakad

    Assaad Nakad

    CEO, Electricite De Zahle (EDZ)
    "I would like to thank everyone at IPT for their excellent work, aftersales follow up and professionalism. I do recall those days with severe weather conditions and in spite of all difficulties and roads blocked with snow, they were able to transport and deliver the fuel to keep our power plant ongoing. I highly recommend IPT as one of the best in their business and would certainly keep on the good business with them."

  • Hasmig Khoury

    Hasmig Khoury

    Head of CSR, Bank Audi
    ""For us at Bank Audi, it is our duty towards the nation and our community to have more private sector institutions embark on CSR, and today when we look at IPT we applaud the work that is being done and we are so proud of it. The road is ahead, keep paving it in a sustainable manner.""

  •  Chadi Kreidy

    Chadi Kreidy

    General Manager, Sanita
    "IPT is one among our trustful suppliers; the high level of service and dedication along with professionalism were behind the partnership we have succeeded to build during the past four years."

  • Nicolas Sfeir

    Nicolas Sfeir

    Owner, IPT St. Nicolas Station
    "I am a member of IPT Network since 18 years. All services provided from IPT Group are great and satisfying and the work flow is excellent from the drivers to the Headquarters staff. IPT is literally Full of Trust!"

  •  Souhad BouChabke

    Souhad BouChabke

    Operations Director, Gandour
    "IPT has proven over the course of the past three years to be among our most reliable suppliers. After-sales service is quite above standard, and the quality of products is remarkable; we currently purchase IPT Diesel and we have a greater interest in broaden our business portfolio together. We expect Gandour and IPT collaboration to expand over the coming period to benefit from more amenities such as Fuel Cards or other employee-related services."

  • Habib Maatouk

    Habib Maatouk

    Owner, IPT Al-Salam Station
    "We renewed our contract with IPT before it ends because that’s how much we are satisfied with its products and services. IPT respects its partners and provides great products and services full of trust. We are so glad and thankful."

  • Jimmy Moussa

    Jimmy Moussa

    HR Manager, Droguerie Phenicia
    "Choosing IPT as one of our main suppliers didn't come by chance.
    As a pharmaceutical company that puts its reputation as a top priority, I can say that we were able to feel the difference everytime we use IPT Fuel Cards; we are satisfied of the professional cards service and we are here to affirm that GoGas Corporate Card is helping us control and monitor our fuel expenses. On another note, I recommend Quantum, the eco-fuel from IPT as it has proven to last longer and reduce our fuel consumption."

  •  Fadi Kahwaji

    Fadi Kahwaji

    Export Manager, CIMG
    "Chehab Industrial & Medical Gases (CIMG) knows very well what are the needs of its clients: good quality, no losses in the quantities delivered, accuracy in delivery dates, respect of the agreement and quick response to any problem. IPT has it all!"

Transforming Gas Stations

IPT is here to redefine the concept of gas stations in Lebanon. Fuelled by innovation, we have already successfully transformed gas stations into attractive, safe and clean places where premium products and services are always available.
IPT carefully pursues a proactive approach towards today’s energy and environmental challenges. We’re here to find sustainable solutions for a better future. This has made IPT one of the leading oil and gas companies in Lebanon.
IPT’s constant commitment to professionalism and excellence has resulted in our winning several awards and prizes over the years. This is proof that we are a local role model that meets the high standards of international oil and gas companies.
Caring for the Environment
At IPT, we truly care about sustainability and protecting the environment. This is why a green approach is at the heart of all our business practices from our gas stations to actively encouraging the use of clean energy sources and minimizing emissions and waste that harm the environment.

Driven by Quality, Safety and Security

IPT uses the strictest quality and safety measures to ensure premium quality. This even extends to our delivery and all our products are delivered to you in exact quantities and on time. We have a Health and Safety Policy especially tailored to meet the unique demands of this industry. Creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and visitors is something we care about.

We’re always near you

With more than 200 stations all over Lebanon to choose from, you’ll always find an IPT station next to your home, office, university, or on the road. You can conveniently locate your nearest IPT station, wherever you are, by simply checking the online “stations locator” on the IPT website: www.iptgroup.com.lb

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IPT is more than stations and gas solutions. It’s a complete experience with many offerings and sub-brands including: ELF lubricants; fueling cards (IPT Prepaid Fuel Card, GoGas, IPT-Byblos Bank co-branded Card...); Bon Appétit convenience stores; Latte Art; Auto Gadget car accessories; EQUIPT petroleum equipment stores; LaserWash; and more.
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