Lebanon Lebanon

The Real Difference

IPT is here to redefine the concept of gas stations in Lebanon. Fueled by innovation, we have already successfully transformed gas stations into attractive, safe, and clean places where premium products and services are always available.

IPT has 35 fully-owned gas stations and more than 170 franchised gas stations, all dedicated to your satisfaction. The stations have modern branding, an exceptional feel, and plenty of new ideas that create added value and make our stations a distinguished experience:
  • Self-service pumps
  • LPG gas cylinders
  • Bon Appétit convenience stores
  • McDonald’s restaurants
  • Latte Art drive-thru kiosks
  • Auto Gadget car accessories shops
  • ATM machines
  • LaserWash
  • Automatic Truck Wash
  • Payment facilities and rewards programs for corporate and individual use

Find your nearest IPT station via IPT online “stations locator”.