IPT Diesel conforms to Euro 4 and 5 standards and is directly imported from France. It is ideal for all industrial uses and sectors including:
  • Fueling power generators
  • Heavy duty machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Marine exploration and excavation
  • Hospitals
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • and much more


How it gives you the competitive advantage
IPT Diesel reduces fuel consumption, saving you money. It also has a very low sulfur content plus a special additive blend that helps significantly reduce the maintenance costs of machinery and engines.

Experience fast and accurate service
IPT Diesel is directly delivered straight to you, using IPT’s distribution tanks; all our tanks are equipped with Italian meters to guarantee exceptional accuracy when we deliver. You’ll even get an official detailed invoice with each delivery.

Contact us now and we’ll ensure you get your diesel the soonest. Simply call the IPT Diesel hotline: 76/733 337

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