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In today's fast moving world, IPT Fuel Cards are the easy contemporary cashless solution for individuals, families, drivers and companies. Carefully designed to be ideal for daily use, these cards come in different categories with advanced features.

Discover our new tailored Rewards Bundles, to help you get rewards faster everytime you use your Prepaid Card, Gift Card, and Self-Service Rewards Card. 

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IPT- Taxi Loyalty Card: Your Fastest Solution to Start Saving

Secure web access to your account allows you to follow live tracking of all your cards’ expenditure and accounts.

Always on the road with endless expenses?

If you are a taxi driver, IPT offers you the fastest solution to start saving and increasing your profits through using the new "IPT- Taxi Loyalty Card".
When you are purchasing any product or service at IPT Stations, pay in cash, swipe your "IPT- Taxi Loyalty Card" and collect points. Earn 1 point for every LBP 1,000 spent at IPT Stations and have the chance to redeem your points from IPT, namely car wash and oil change services especially tailored for taxis. To know more, Download brochure and "IPT- Taxi Loyalty Card Rewards Bundle".

How to Get the Card?

  • Fill up the application form at one of IPT Stations that are managed by the company (mentioned below) and submit it along with the required documents.
  • Your file will be reviewed by IPT, once accepted you will be informed and your card will be issued free of charge.
  • Collect your card from the nearest IPT Station.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Applicants must hold a taxi driver license (chauffeur license) and a vehicle license for taxis.
  • Each taxi driver is entitled to hold one card only.


Managed by IPT Stations:

  • IPT station Zouk (near Empire Espace)
  • IPT station Daroun (Harissa road)
  • IPT station Faraya (Faraya main road)
  • IPT station Kaslik (Kaslik main road, near USEK university)
  • IPT station Hboub (Hboub main road)
  • IPT station Amchit (Amchit seaside road, near army check point)
  • IPT station Chiyah (Ain Remmaneh, Al Arida street)
  • IPT station Mar Mkhayel (facing St. Mikeal church)
  • IPT station Badaro (Badaro street, near Somfy company)
  • IPT station Dora (Dora highway, near Khoury home)
  • IPT station Geitawi (rue St. Louis)
  • IPT station Jdita (Chtoura highway)
  • IPT station Mouassaseh (Amchit main road)
  • IPT station Al Fidar (Al Fidar highway towards Jounieh)
  • IPT station Achrafiyeh, Sassine square
  • IPT station Amchit 77, Amchit highway bifurcation
  • IPT station Amchit, highway Jbeil- Tripoli, Hosrayel burification
  • IPT station Berbara, highway Tripoli-Jbeil (after army checkpoint)
  • IPT station Dekwaneh, near Centre Freeway
  • IPT station Ehmej, Laqlouq road
  • IPT station Halat 1601, Halat highway facing Infrarouge
  • IPT station Halat 322, Halat highway near Infrarouge
  • IPT station Hbaline, Amchit main road
  • IPT station Nehme -Jbeil, seaside road near Central Jbeil
  • IPT station Ghazir, near KMC Hospital, highway Ghazir-Beirut
  • IPT station Dora, near Credit Libanais Bank towards Beirut
  • IPT station Issa & Howayek, Jbeil, opposite to Maounet Hospital
  • IPT station Jdabra, opposite to RLTT (Regie Libanaise des tabacs et tombacs)
  • IPT station Monsef, searoad Monsef towards Beirut, after Castle Mare

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