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IPT offers you a selection of convenient cards. These practical cards reward you with payment facilities and loyalty programs that are customized for individual and corporate use.
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IPT e-Voucher: The Innovative Electronic Solution

Secure web access to your account allows you to follow live tracking of all your cards’ expenditure and accounts.

1st Introduced by IPT

Go digital with “IPT e-Voucher”. Forget about cash, magnetic cards and time-consuming paperwork, and start using these electronic vouchers which include a unique code to be simply presented upon payment at the station. Simply carry the e-vouchers on your phone.  
What do e-Vouchers include? 
*IPT was the 1st oil & gas company to introduce e-Vouchers in Lebanon, and over the years it has become a trusted fuel management solution by many of IPT's corporate clients.

IPT e-Vouchers are meant for single-use, and can include any desired amount in LBP (eg: 10,000LBP, 20,000LBP, etc…). They are not limited to gasoline; clients can choose a different product or to diversify the vouchers requested based on their needs.  
E-Vouchers can be issued in different electronic forms and are easy to share (via emails, whatsapp, etc…).  
Who can use IPT e-Vouchers? 
IPT e-Vouchers can be used by both companies and individuals. Companies can buy bulk e-Vouchers and easily distribute them to their drivers/employees via email or phone. In addition to being convenient, these e-Vouchers give access to IPT’s e-fuel management system where you can securely get reports, statements and official invoices.  
As for individuals, they can purchase as many e-Vouchers as needed for their personal use or as a gift.  

How do I pay for my e-Vouchers? 
IPT e-Vouchers are prepaid. For more information, please contact: 78-822822  
Where are these vouchers used?  
IPT e-Vouchers give you access to a large network of IPT stations around Lebanon. Please login to this link & use the "IPT Fueling Cards" filter to discover the locations of the stations where you can use them. 
This initiative is part of IPT’s strategy to embed sustainability at the heart of all its operations.  
IPT e-Vouchers at a Glance: 
• High-tech contact-less solution 
• Easily shareable  
• Single-use unique code 
• Efficient fuel Management Solution  
• Provides official reports and invoices  
• Currency: LBP  

Watch animation, and check brochure to know more.

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    For more info, call us on: 78- 822 822 / 09-624111 / ccf@iptgroup.com.lb