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IPT offers you a selection of convenient cards. These practical cards reward you with payment facilities and loyalty programs that are customized for individual and corporate use.
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IPT Gift Card: The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

Secure web access to your account allows you to follow live tracking of all your cards’ expenditure and accounts.

Your Ideal Gift Card

IPT introduces "IPT Gift Card", a practical and convenient prepaid fuel card; a great gift to pay for fuel expenses, lubes, and car wash at all IPT Stations. It is a thoughtful gift for friends and family members, and it can be also used as a corporate gift reward or prize (bonus, appreciation, outstanding performance).

*Pay for your "IPT Gift Card" in LBP and benefit from full value. No additional fees.

About the Card:

  • IPT Gift Card comes in three standard denominations of  LBP 50,000, LBP 75,000, LBP 100,000 & LBP 200,000. Any other denomination may be arranged by calling IPT Card Service Center (78- 822 822)
  • It can be used to purchase many products and services from IPT stations 
  • It is secured with a PIN code
  • It can be accessed online to monitor spending
  • It is reloaded and can be topped up with additional value
  • 24/7 card support through a dedicated Hotline 78-822 822
  • No hidden fees, the user benefits from the full value paid
  • For security reasons, the card is activated upon first use through contacting IPT Card Service Center 
  • Design and Packaging: "IPT Gift Card" is an IPT Prepaid Fuel Card with the amount embossed on it and presented in a uniquely designed box


* Click here to know where you can use your Gift Card. 
  (Make sure to choose the "IPT Fueling Cards" filter).

"IPT Gift Card" can be purchased from:

1- The following IPT Stations:

  • IPT station Zouk, Zouk highway towards Beirut, near Empire Espace cinemas
  • IPT station Kaslik, Kaslik internal road, near USEK university
  • IPT station Al Fidar, Al Fidar highway towards Jounieh, before Fidar bridge
  • IPT station Ghazir, near KMC Hospital, highway Ghazir-Beirut
  • IPT station Daroun, Daroun highway, towards Harissa church
  • IPT station Faraya, Faraya highway, near Riverland
  • IPT station Amchit-Izeaa, Amchit seaside road, near army check point
  • IPT station Jbeil, seaside road near Central Jbeil
  • IPT station Issa & Howayek, Jbeil, Hboub highway, opposite to Maounet Hospital
  • IPT station Chiyah, Ain Remmaneh, Al Arida street
  • IPT station Mar Mkhayel, Chiyah municipality street (near St. Mikeal church)
  • IPT station Dora, Dora highway towards Jounieh, near Khoury home
  • IPT station Geitawi, St. Louis street
  • IPT station Jdita, Chtoura highway, near Banque Libano-Francaise
  • IPT station Mouassaseh, Amchit main road, facing Beirut Bank

2- "Bon Appétit" C-Stores (on the following IPT Stations): 

  • IPT Sustainable Station, Amchit- Jbeil highway
  • IPT station Achrafiyeh, Sioufi
  • IPT station Dekwaneh, near Freeway Center
  • IPT station Badaro, Badaro street near Somfy company
  • IPT station Zouk, Zouk highway towards Beirut, near Empire Espace cinemas
  • IPT station Halat 322, Halat highway near Infrarouge
  • IPT station Amchit 77, Amchit highway towards Batroun, before Amchit main entrance


3- "3atari2ak Marché" C-Stores (on the following IPT Stations):

  • IPT station Berbara, Berbara highway Tripoli towards Jbeil


4- PinPay mobile app (Gifts section)

Order "IPT Fuel Gift Cards" online through the PinPay mobile app. 

Hotline: 78- 822 822