A career at IPT is truly unique experience. From our founder through to our employees, we work side by side with high integrity and moral. IPT offers you not only the chance to build a promising career but also all the support to succeed on the professional level. If you are looking for a career rather than a job and want to work in an innovative and dynamic environment, and can bring different areas of expertise to add value in IPT, then look no further!


شكراً لاهتمامكم بالانضمام لعائلة أي بي تي بخصوص وظيفة "عمال لبنانيين على محطات أي بي تي" -  بإدارة الشركة مباشرةً

 يرجى أخذ العلم أنه وبسبب الاقبال الكبير وغير المتوقع على تقديم الطلبات التي وردت، قررنا التوقف عن استقبال المزيد من الطلبات في الوقت الحالي على أن نباشر باستقبال طلبات جديدة عندما تدعو الحاجة

 !حظ موفق للجميع


Thank you for your interest in joining IPT family by applying to the "Lebanese Workers job" at IPT Stations that are directly managed by the company.
Please note that due to the large and unexpected number of received applications, we have decided to close the job opening at the time and to resume receiving new applications whenever needed.


*Please note that there are no job openings at the moment. If you are interested in joining our successful team, then please regularly check this page so you can be the first to know about job opportunities as they arise.