In light of the current economic situation and the difficulties facing the import activities of petroleum companies, we want to inform you that starting March 1, 2021, IPT will hold importation of Gasoline Unleaded 98 for a short period of time. We would like to assure you that these measures are temporary and are directly related to the critical situation Lebanon is going through. We hope to resume our importation of Unleaded 98 and ensure its availability to our customers as soon as the economic conditions improve. We will make sure to keep you posted ahead of time when it occurs.

As part of IPT strategy to enhance the quality of its products and services in Lebanon, develop them further and keep up with the highest Lebanese and International standards, IPT launched a new advanced Gasoline product exclusive to IPT Stations: "Quantum".

"Quantum" transforms the regular gasoline into a superior fuel that meets the needs of the 21st century.The formula of "Quantum" is a mix between a high-quality gasoline and a cutting-edge additive developed by Total, a specialized company in this field. This is what differentiates "Quantum" that contributes to:

• Fuel economy
• Power & responsiveness
• Engine protection
• Less pollution

"Quantum" also offers exceptional deposit clean up, better combustion, less noise, and an improved driving experience.

"Quantum" has the performance level of World Wide Fuel Charter's (WWFC) highest categories and has undergone a series of tests conducted by specialized European laboratories on different car brands.

This initiative affirms IPT's commitment to its clients' satisfaction and its relentless effort to exceed their expectations. In line with this commitment, IPT signed in 2011 a supply agreement with Total Liban, by virtue of which the latter became IPT's exclusive supplier of Gasoline and Diesel, and IPT became the official distributor of Elf lubricants in Lebanon.

This makes IPT Stations distinguished by their modern look, and new products and services. IPT remains the first to embed sustainability into the core of its strategy by putting its customers first, and taking initiatives that reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

No Extra Cost
"Quantum" is exclusively available at IPT stations at no extra cost for both the station owner and the end-user.

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Watch TVC, and Click here to know more about the launching of Quantum.