IPT has tailored solutions for businesses. We know that corporate and industrial enterprises have special requirements and concerns. We also know that each sector is different and that your business is unique. Because of this, we offer you a comprehensive selection of products and services that empower your business, drive performance and efficiency, and even lower costs.

One of these products and services is IPT Diesel the ideal industrial fuel conforms to Euro standards and reduces fuel consumption. In addition, your fleet will need less maintenance by using IPT high quality unleaded gasoline "Quantum" as per European standards and using Elf lubricants for your vehicles. IPT not only helps you keep your fleet’s engines clean but also your fleet itself clean by providing the Automatic Truck Wash. Also while fueling with IPT you can keep control of your fleet’s fuel expenditures by joining IPT Fueling Cards solutions. You can also benefit from a safe installation of IPT LPG solutions for an efficient use. Finally, to secure a better service for your customers you can equip your business by selecting a wide variety of products from EQUIPT.