IPT is more than innovative gas stations with a wealth of great features and services. We have a lot going on behind the scenes so we can have a reliable supply chain in place that enables us to meet your needs with added efficiency.


We want to provide you with premium products in a prompt manner. To achieve this, IPT’s core business activities include the import of hydrocarbons (gasoline 98, gasoline 95, and diesel oil) and related petroleum products. Our supply chain starts at the refinery and then the products are shipped by sea and delivered directly to IPT and Lebanon Energy storage tanks in Amchit, Lebanon. From there, IPT transports and distributes petroleum products to gas stations, businesses, homes, and more. We import so you can move ahead. 


IPT has vast storage facilities that are safe, secure, and uphold quality. They include:

  • IPT gasoline and diesel oil tanks in Amchit
  • IPT LPG facilities in Hosrayel
  • IPT lubes warehouses in Amchit and Halat
  • IPT equipment warehouse in Amchit

In 2011, IPT upgraded its terminal in Amchit covering all operational services and safety aspects to become compliant with international standards API, ASTM, and NFPA. In 2017, IPT acquired 60% of Lebanon Energy terminal, a fuel storage company in Amchit that comprises 11 fuel storage tanks compliant with international standards. The total storage capacity for gasoline and diesel of IPT in its terminal and in Lebanon Energy’s terminal exceeds 40,000 m3.

As we grow, we will continue to expand our storage facilities while safeguarding quality and taking measures that protect the environment.


Fueling your business and life is important to us. Our well-established and fully-owned transportation network (including tank-trucks, trailers, closed vans, and other types of vehicles) is here to deliver various types of oil and to promptly handle maintenance requests. IPT's large fleet is the basis for an efficient and quick transportation network. But what makes us truly stand out is our commitment to safety and attention to detail:

  • Products are delivered to all corners of Lebanon in segregated and sealed compartments gasoline and diesel oil tanks in Amchit
  • Specialized trucks equipped with positive Displacement Meters provide superior accuracy and preserve products' quality
  • All the company's vehicles are equipped with a high-tech GPS system that allows centralized control to minimize road risks and incidents



IPT not only supplies gasoline, diesel oil, LPG, and lubes to gas stations throughout Lebanon. We have an impressive distribution channel that includes a large number of organizations and businesses from diverse sectors such as factories, hotels, malls, banks, cinemas, schools, companies, universities, and even residential buildings with large electricity generators. We’re here to facilitate your life. Our meticulous and centralized sales activities’ management assists us in providing you with exceptional services and complete fueling solutions. When you choose IPT, you know you will get your premium quality products delivered in exact quantities and on time. We even help you cut down on fuel expenditures by periodically cleaning diesel tanks and by installing fuel meters for precise fuel monitoring, management, and quality test analysis.