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Your high-tech car wash

Want the best way to add a clean sparkle to your car? Look no further. LaserWash is an in-bay touch-free vehicle cleaning system from Vehicle Wash Systems PDQ (a US Dover company) and it’s only available at IPT.

The cleanest solution for you
Easy to operate, LaserWash offers you a fast, practical, safe, and affordable professional carwash with great results each and every time. Introduced to Lebanon for the first time by IPT, the automatic touch-free LaserWash is available at key IPT Stations. This effective cleaning solution does not harm vehicles in any way. Even its design is outstanding since it eliminates the need for floor steel, well mounted sensors, T-bars, and other bay obstructions. Instead it uses bright and legible in-bay signs, auto reset, and front bug prep.

The Laserwash touch-Free is available at the following IPT Stations:

  • IPT Sustainable station Amchit 469, near "Berytech Amchit" Innovation Parks 
  • IPT Station Amchit 77, Amchit highway bifurcation
  • IPT Station Halat 1601, facing Infrarouge
  • IPT Station Zouk, Zouk highway
  • IPT Station Dekwaneh, near Centre Freeway

Refer to the online Station Locator to check the nearest IPT Stations with the Laserwash service.