About Elf
Elf is a worldwide legendary brand of lubricants formulated in France and manufactured in the UAE, that offers premium products for all engine types: cars, motorcycles and heavy duty vehicles. It is a reliable brand, trusted and recommended by experts thanks to its technological advancements and a very strong experience in motorsports.
Elf has partnerships with leading international manufacturers such as Renault, Nissan, Kawasaki and Dacia.
Sold in 113 countries, Elf is brought to Lebanon by IPT and it is available at its service stations.

With Elf, economy and ecology go hand in hand:
• Specialized for all driving conditions
• Provides more engine protection
• Improves performance 
• Lowers fuel consumption
• Reduces significantly environmental impact as it meets the latest ACEA and API specifications

History at a Glance
Known as the oil born in Formula 1, Elf lubricants owe their identification with excellence, performance, records and countless victories in part to their history, the story of a brand created 50 years ago.

Check "Elf Full Range of Products" and "Elf Lubes Chart" to choose the oil that fits you best.

Given the current exceptional circumstances, consumers tend to lean towards the least expensive products in their purchases. This exposes them to buying products that may be spoiled, altered, or of very poor quality.
This is what we are seeing happen these days increasingly with motor oils. We are seeing a rise in cheap oils being marketed, whereby the buyer is most probably unaware of the severe car damage these oils can cause. While cheaper oils might save money in the short term, they increase risks of car damage, which will result in higher costs on the consumer at a later stage.

At IPT, we care about our customers and want to make sure our stakeholders are aware of the low quality oils available in abundance in the market. These oils can negatively affect engine performance, and in many cases, cause serious malfunctions and an eventual shutdown.In the current exceptional circumstances, many people find themselves buying the least expensive products. Click here to check what you need to know about our latest Elf Campaign.