Redefining the concept and role of gas stations has been central to our vision since our beginnings in 1970 and IPT’s official establishment in 1987. Today IPT is a success story that brings to the forefront more than 50 years of experience in the oil, gas, and petroleum sector.

It all started when IPT’s Founder and Chairperson, Michel Issa, became a partner in and also managed a small gas station in Amchit in the Jbeil district. Envisioning the future of a leading company and possessing the needed experience to begin his own business, Mr. Issa decided to go the extra mile by establishing his first exclusively-owned gas station in another part of his beloved town, Amchit. From this very modest start, we diversified our products and services to include not only petroleum products, but also a comprehensive range of related services mainly IPT fueling cards, EQUIPT petroleum equipment stores, LaserWash, Truck Wash, and Auto Gadget car accessories shops. 
Key elements that sparked our success are our ability to rapidly evolve with trends and keenness to embrace the latest technologies. We earned the trust of international companies and established strategic partnerships to offer our customers premium products and services. 
In 2009, we partnered with McDonald's Lebanon and opened a series of McDonald's restaurants on IPT network of stations. We opened convenience stores on key IPT stations that provide a selection of local and imported products. In parallel, we collaborated with Byblos Bank to launch the first fuel credit card in Lebanon and to install ATM machines on key IPT stations. 
In 2011, we partnered with TOTAL which became our exclusive supplier of Gasoline, Diesel Oil and Elf Lubricants. We then started a full upgrade and expansion of our Gasoline and Diesel Oil terminal in Amchit to become in compliance with international standards. 
In 2012, we founded IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) to fulfill IPT's CSR initiatives linked to conserving energy, using energy efficiently, reducing environmental pollution resulting from the use of energy sources, and promoting the use of clean and renewable energy solutions, and launched in this regard several initiatives and awareness campaigns. 
In 2014, we established the "Michel Issa Foundation" for Local Development (MIF) to empower the local community by implementing local development projects, motivating people to live in their hometowns by building opportunities for self-employment and income generation, fostering entrepreneurship initiatives among Lebanese youth, and securing jobs for fresh graduates.
In 2017, we launched "Quantum", the revolutionary and eco-friendly fuel that yet again confirms IPT's commitment to innovation and continuous development. It is also testament to our keenness to provide enhanced products and advanced services that reduce fuel consumption and pollution while maximizing energy efficiency.

In 2019, IPT Energy DMCC entered a new stage of development in the region, and the first stop of its expansion is the UAE.

In 2020, IPT Energy Power Trading L.L.C was launched in UAE.

In 2021, IPT’s Dubai entity signed its first framework agreement with TotalEnergies UAE.

In 2022, IPT Energy signed its second framework agreement with ENOC Link.

Today, IPT is a recognizable brand with more than 200 gas stations spread all over Lebanon offering well-trusted and well-known products and services through pioneering and distinctive concepts. IPT is also one of the leaders in promoting awareness about sustainable practices in the energy field in Lebanon through its energy center IPTEC. 
Looking at our strategy for the coming years, it will follow the same path, however focusing more on quality, safety, and sustainability. Our business is not only rooted in the present, but looks towards a brighter future.