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Fri Oct 30, 2020
IPT Stations: Cleanliness and Safety go Hand-in-Hand

At IPT, the environment is always a concern. We have equipped our Headquarters and some of our stations with solar panels in line with our energy conservation strategy. By keeping them clean, we ensure an increase of energy by 30%. The advantages of the solar power system are many, but the most obvious are the decreased reliance on fossil fuels, the increased clean renewable energy entering the grid, and the reduced energy-related pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

To reduce energy consumption and benefit from renewable energy, we have built IPT’s first sustainable gas station, few meters away from our headquarters which features advanced solutions and innovations in the field of energy and water conservation and pollution reduction.

During COVID-19, maintaining the highest standards for a clean, healthy and safe environment for our customers is our top priority. We aim to reduce the risk of exposure by keeping our stations and Headquarters clean and disinfected from top to bottom. IPT employees follow continuous training to ensure safety guidelines are met through social distancing, disinfection and wearing masks.

At IPT, we are always committed to safety, cleanliness and sustainable energy. Check Album.

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