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Wed Jan 06, 2021
IPT's 2020 Year in Review

Since October 2019, Lebanon has been undergoing exceptional times. From a revolution and uprisings to an economic crisis and a global pandemic, we at IPT had one thing in mind: how to confront and overcome these unprecedented challenges. We had to keep going.

As circumstances keep changing quickly, our focus remains on how to adapt and stay ahead in our industry. We are working hard to ensure we can keep serving our stakeholders. To stay on top, we followed three main pillars: IPT's focus on the local community and ensuring our presence and growth across the country, our focus on health and safety challenges coming our way, as well as going even further and taking part in several social and environmental initiatives.

Despite all the challenges we have faced this year, we continue to embrace the difficulties, finding ways to adapt to the situation against all odds. Through our resilience, we hope we all emerge towards a brighter future in our country for the upcoming year 2021. Click here to watch video.

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