Tue Sep 11, 2018
IPT Featured in Fransabank CSR Report

IPT's sustainable and green stations are featured in Fransabank's 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility report "Building A Sustainable Tomorrow" which shares the bank's various responsibilities with its stakeholders and describes its conscientiousness towards the society and the environment.

The report highlights the sustainable financing facility provided by the bank to IPT in the framework of an MOU also signed with Phoenix Energy to perform a full-scale energy and environmental audit at specific locations and, as a result,  adopt clean energy solutions to transform the stations into green and sustainable ones. IPT started the installation of solar panels on selected locations to enhance its energy performance and reduce its environmental impact, while also taking different green measures including lighting, pumps efficiency, energy monitoring, car water reclaim and recycling system, central vacuum system and stage vapor recovery solutions, etc... to ensure a full commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

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