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IPT Energy & Environmental Management Strategy

With the assistance of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), we decided to institutionalize sustainability by looking at ways to increase our Energy Performance and Reduce the Environmental impact of our gas stations. We therefore developed an “Energy and Environmental Management Strategy (EEMS)” that we started implementing on our gas stations to save energy and water, reduce emissions, protect the soil and ground water, and collect waste for eventual treatment and reuse.

In line with this strategy, we built IPT’s First Sustainable Gas Station and first of its kind in Lebanon in Amchit few meters away from IPT Headquarters. The station features advanced solutions and innovations in the field of energy and water conservation and pollution reduction. It is also fully automated and technologically advanced with health and safety measures and a green landscape.

Download PDF presentation of Eng. Jean Marc Roche.

The station was inaugurated in May 2019 in the presence of His Excellency Minister of Environment Mr. Fadi Jreissati and Member of Parliament Mr. Simon Abi Ramia in addition to 30 leading names in the fields of energy sustainability, social responsibility and the oil and gas sector.

His Excellency pointed out to the role of the private sector in supporting public sector initiatives for a greener and cleaner future. He added: “This role model station is a challenge to us as Ministry of Environment, since 30% of the pollution comes from the transportation sector. We stand today in front of a solution that proves that the investment in environmental conservation does not contradict economic development and financial returns.”

Dr. Toni Issa, IPT Vice Chairman, explained the importance of similar projects for the future of the oil and gas sector and the Lebanese economy. He also assured that IPT will always put CSR at the core of its activities to guarantee a sustainable future.

The Station’s Green and Sustainable features include:

1- Energy efficiency & renewable energy solutions to reduce energy consumption
2- Water conservation solutions to reduce water consumption
3- Wastewater treatment solutions to achieve ZERO toxic discharge in sewer network
4- Soil & ground water protection to achieve ZERO hydrocarbon
5- Cleaner & environmentally friendly products & services
6- Commitment to Health, Safety and Quality standards
7- Green roof to lower energy consumption

Download the brochure or watch the animation to know more about the Features of "IPT's First Sustainable and Eco-friendly Station in Lebanon".