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Fri May 10, 2019
IPT Announces Its CSR 2018 Report And Opens the First Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Station in Lebanon

Under the patronage and in the presence of His Excellency Minister of Environment Mr. Fadi Jreissati, IPT organized a roundtable on the 10th of May in its headquarters in the presence of 30 figures, to discuss its CSR 2018 report. Member of Parliament Simon Abi Ramia participated in addition to the Director General of the Petroleum Directorate at the MOEW Eng. Aurore Feghali, the Prosecutor General of the Audit Bureau Judge Fawzi Khamis, Mayor of Amchit Municipality Dr. Antoine Issa, General Director of Total Liban Mr. Daniel Alvarez, Programme Manager of the Energy and Environment Programme at the UNDP Mrs. Jihane Seoud, General Director and President of Board at the LCEC Eng. Pierre Khoury, Director of the International Center of Human Sciences Dr. Darina Saliba, General director of LIBNOR Eng. Lena Dergham and specialists in the fields of sustainability and development.

Dr. Toni Issa,Vice Chairman of IPT Group, explained in his introductory speech that what IPT has done so far might not be perfect, and the goal of this round table is not to show what IPT has achieved, but it is to criticize, evaluate and listen to different opinions, observations and ideas, first to validate IPT CSR strategy, and second to improve its performance in the area of ​​sustainability and social responsibility in the future.

Minister Fadi Jreissati assured that the responsibility to protect the environment and achieve sustainability depends on Municipalities and related Ministries at the first place and on the private sector initiatives in second place. Jreissati added that “Dr. Issa is a role model and a leading example of responsible business practices and social and economic responsibility that we strongly support.

The attendees then discussed IPT CSR 2018 report and strategy under the direction of Head of CSR at Bank Audi Mrs. Hasmig Khoury. The dialogue concluded into helpful suggestions and experience exchange in the field of social responsibility.

Afterwards, all attendees headed to the opening ceremony of IPT Sustainable and Eco-Friendly gas station, the first of its kind in Lebanon located few meters away from the headquarters. Minister Jreissati was introduced to the station’s green and sustainable features which concretize IPT’s green vision in compliance with its Energy and Environmental Management Strategy (EEMS), and its constant work towards sustainability in its operations and on its gas stations.

Dr. Issa

IPT is honored today to host in its headquarters this roundtable discussion in the presence of distinguished guests and dear friends to discuss our CSR report that was issued in 2018. Not only is this report issued for the first time by IPT, but also it’s the first of its kind in the oil & gas sector in Lebanon, and perhaps among the very few reports to be issued by private companies in the country.

In parallel with issuing the report, we decided to organize a roundtable discussion to evaluate IPT’s CSR strategy and the report’s content with our stakeholders, partners, and specialists in the field and public figures who are familiar with our business.

IPT's sustainability and social responsibility practices are the result of years of efforts and initiatives, reflected clearly in our vision and in our belief to embrace this concept and to incorporate it into our culture and daily business. What we have done so far might not be perfect, and our goal today is not to show what we have achieved, but it is to criticize, evaluate and listen to different opinions, observations and ideas, first to validate our CSR strategy, and second to improve our performance in the area of sustainability and social responsibility in the future.

I will not hide that this event is inspired by my participation in a similar event organized two years ago by Hasmig Khoury, the Head of CSR at Bank Audi. I am happy to have her among us today to moderate our discussion and to share her constructive criticism and observations based on her expertise in the field, and this is what I honestly expect from each one of you.

Our meeting coincides with the completion of the construction works at IPT Sustainable and Eco friendly gas station few meters away from here. This station is built in compliance with a report prepared by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) based on an MOU signed between IPT and Fransabank during Beirut Energy Forum in 2015. A 3-minute documentary will be presented at the end of the session to show IPT’s role model of a sustainable station. 

I am delighted to move together at the end of this session to the station for a quick overview of its components, where you will notice that the content of the IFC report has become a reality, contributing further to our commitment to sustainability and responsible business. 

Minister Jreissati

We stand today infront of two choices either the polluted Lebanon of the past or the Eco-friendly Lebanon of the future where businessmen initiate to preserve the environment and raw materials by recycling burnt oil and conserving water and other.

All those optimistic objectives can’t be reached but without the cooperation of the public and private sectors that need to take responsibility and boost that kind of initiatives.

This role model station is a challenge to us as ministry of environment since 30% of the pollution comes from the transport sector. We stand today in front of a solution that proves that the investment in environment conservation does not contradict economic development.


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