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Tue Feb 25, 2020
Positive Feedback on IPT's "Hiring Lebanese" Initiative

At IPT, we see ourselves as a corporate citizen that needs to play a central role in supporting social and economic development.

Today, we are very proud to receive positive feedback on our "Hiring Lebanese" initiative in general, and its real first manifestation at our "Sustainable Station" in Amchit as first step. The huge support, from our customers as well as the media that helped us spread the word, took our enthusiasm into the next level, to expand our initiative gradually on most of our stations. Here are some of the positive feedbacks:

• I am very delighted to see Lebanese faces serving me at a gas station
• I heard the good news! consider me as a loyal customer from now on
• Thank you IPT. I am proud of you and your initiative; you are a role model to other stations
• The success of this step can potentially turn unemployment figures across the country... Bravo!
• IPT you are leading the way, and this is a big step! 
• That's the spirit we need to have. There is nothing wrong in working at a service station

in addition to many more countless comments.

In exceptional times where the country is in need to a special support and wise thinking, we hope that other stations will follow the lead.

IPT: Here For You!

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