Tue Feb 04, 2020
IPT Expanding the “Hiring Lebanese” Initiative
IPT recently launched the first campaign to start recruiting Lebanese people to work on stations directly managed by the company. It is evident today that Lebanon is undergoing extraordinary circumstances politically and economically that are directly impacting our businesses, also causing unemployment rates to rise drastically. Proving it is here to stay, IPT decided to create new job opportunities for the Lebanese to overcome the difficulties we are faced with today.  

In just a few days, IPT received over 1,000 applicants from all over the country, ranging over all age categories. The positive response from applicants as well as the community has confirmed the need to pursue and expand this initiative to include all IPT Network stations. IPT has reached out to station owners to motivate them to recruit Lebanese staff, and offered to provide them with the needed assistance for the transition.

This position has now been closed, and we are currently in the process of interviewing the applicants, we are expecting to launch the first station with a full Lebanese staff within a few weeks.