Sun Apr 22, 2018
IPT Gas: Your Safe, Clean, and Economical Solution

IPT Gas Solutions are ideal for your home and business in many ways. IPT Gas Solutions encompass door–to–door distribution (of propane and butane) to homes, stores, and gas stations with a capacity of 10 Kg and 35 kg. In addition of serving higher demands of larger businesses such as factories, restaurants, and hotels, with:

  • Supplying bulk gas, with a Free delivery service
  • Being an official distributor of Italian under and above-ground tanks from Antonio Merloni with a capacity of 500, 1000 up to 5000 L, for kitchens, heating systems, chimneys, boilers, & barbecues, etc. Read more

Hereby, we have put at your convenience an expert team that operates under the maximum safety measures, in an environmentally-friendly approach. 

Please do not hesitate to ask for a Site-Survey! We do it For Free.

With our extensive offerings, competitive prices, fast and accurate service, we are here to ensure you a safe, efficient, clean and economical solution.

For more info, please call: 09- 790 767, or 76- 455 881, or e-mail us on:

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