Mon Sep 15, 2014
In the Media: IPTEC Launching its Eco-Driving Campaign

IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) launched the “Be an Eco-driver and Protect your Health and your Environment” initiative during a press conference organized on Monday, September 15th 2014 at the Hilton Grand Habtoor Hotel, Sin el Fil under the patronage and with the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Environment Mr. Mohamad Al Machnouk, and with the support of ESCWA, represented by Dr. Walid Doughaily, and the UNDP, in addition to the presence of Ms. Aline Lahoud ambassador of the campaign, Dr. Toni Issa president of IPTEC, and Mr. Zakhia Issa representative of IPT, along with representatives of the local media.

In his speech, Minister Al Machnouk stressed on the public-private sectors joint responsibility in improving air quality and on the importance of raising awareness and changing driving behavior early on. He also highlighted some facts and figures that emphasize the importance and necessity of the “Be an Eco Driver” campaign.

On the other hand, the speakers highlighted the importance of sensitizing the general public and engaging them in practices that reduce air pollution footprint that has a negative impact on our health and environment. They also stressed the importance that the campaign reaches its targets and goals through inviting citizens to preserve the environment and adopt eco-friendly driving behaviors.

Following the press conference, all the attendees went to IPT Station- Dekwaneh where a road show was organized in collaboration with Virgin Radio, and where both H.E. the minister of environment, Mr. Mohammad Al Machnouk and Aline Lahoud (campaign ambassador), engaged personally with the passing by drivers to promote eco-driving behaviors and hand out Eco-driving Licenses that contain easy to implement tips on eco driving also available on IPTEC page on Facebook.

“Koun Eco-Driver” campaign continues over the upcoming months through different activities and programs organized by IPTEC with the support of the Ministry of Environment, ESCWA and the UNDP.

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