Sun Jan 12, 2020
Checking Transmission Fluid? SHE can Do it!

To all female drivers, IPT is always here for you to provide you with the car maintenance tips you need to know.

If your changing gears feel more sluggish and difficult, make sure to check your transmission fluid. Check #IPT_EmpoweringWomen guide in this link to know about the steps and the needed tools. Remember to drive safe and always consult your mechanic after temporary fixing your car malfunction!

*Important Tips for Winter Driving:
When it comes to winter driving, don't forget to keep your gas tank full; this will prevent condensation build up in the fuel lines. In parallel, make sure you check your windshield wipers to ensure they are in good condition. At last, it is always recommended to keep your cell phone charged up, and to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle; this kit should include a blanket, flashlight, non-perishable food items, water, jumper cables, shovel, and sand or salt.