Sun May 27, 2018
IPTEC Participates in the "2018 Hult Prize Lebanon"

IPTEC President Dr. Toni Issa joined the "2018 Hult Prize Lebanon" as part of the judicial panel to identify the winning team who will compete internationally to win the 2018 challenge. 

Hult Prize is a worldwide challenge launched every year since 2010 to inspire and enable the world's brightest minds to solve its greatest problems. This year, under the title of "Harnessing the Power of Energy", the 2018 Hult prize is an invitation to university students in more than 100 countries to form teams, and find & develop energy innovations that can be scaled to "Transform the lives of 10 Million People", with the guidance of legal experts who help transform these ideas into investment-ready startups with management teams, business plans, and prototypes. 

IPTEC's participation in this activity comes in line with its commitment to energy sustainability and supports its social and environmental objectives which fall under energy conservation and the efficient use of energy, the reduction of environmental pollution resulting from the use of energy sources, and the promotion of the use of clean, alternative and renewable energy solutions. 

The top 6 semi-final Lebanese teams are:

  • Pro-shield (AUB): a covering mechanism mounted on the solar water heater protecting it against the hazardous effects of the overheating problem and hence enhancing the renewable energy reliability and efficiency.
  • Yallabus (AUB): the first ever technology-based bus assistant platform in Lebanon through GPS tracking, Data analysis and Machine Learning.
  • Energy Saving Mode on (RHU): the usage of the phase change materials (PCM) to heat aircraft's atmosphere instead of energy consuming and non-safe alternatives.
  • Transformers (BAU): a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This energy is used to power up household equipment and powering up gyms.
  • Bright Steps (BAU): transforming man-activity into a sustainable, clean energy and then uses this energy to light schools while recruiting students in the process.
  • H^2 (LAU): reintegration of methods of harnessing solar energy through alternative affordable means.


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