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Sat Jun 18, 2022
Training Session in “Safety, Prevention & Distributions Ethics for WP Trucks Drivers”

In order to improve IPT supply chain and ensure the efficiency of safety awareness in its operations, IPT consistently conducts periodic safety precautions, customer service and distributions ethics training sessions for its fleet drivers, and enforces the implementation of QHSE Policy and relevant procedures.

Recently, three training sessions have been conducted for 45 WP drivers by the Corporate Governance Department – QHSE Team in coordination with the concerned trainers within the company on Saturday, June 18th 2022 at 3 locations: WP Truck parking, WP Terminal & IPT Sustainable Station in Amchit.

This training focused on the following predetermines objectives & processes:

.Implementation of technical precautions and daily checks for the trucks’ condition and readiness.
.Implementation of safety and prevention instructions in line with the relevant “Truck driver’s guide”
.Train the drivers on how to routinely carry out their daily duties listed in the “Truck driver’s guide”, and how should adhere to the professional job ethics to serve IPT customers.
.Educate drivers about the risks they face, company vehicles, people's property, and public safety, and how to deal with and solve them.
.Spread a new practically advanced culture for drivers in line with the company’s policy, procedures and objectives towards public safety, prevention and protection.

This training is part of IPT annual training plan which aims to maintain a well-structured safety culture & distributions ethics in order to always serve our customers professionally.

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