Wed Dec 05, 2018
"Khallina 3a Ittisal" Counting 27 issues, and More!

Ending the year on a positive note, IPT is proud to announce the release of the 27th issue of “Khallina 3a Ittisal” covering the company's major successes and accomplishments in the last quarter of 2018.
With the special holidays look and feel, this issue showcases our latest activities:

• IPT Annual Corporate Gathering 2018 at IBEF 2018
• IPTEC Session about "Transition Towards Sustainable Land Transport"
• IPT Participation in the CEO Roundtable at Bayt El Wasat
• IPT Participation in GCNL "Multi-Stakeholder SDG Forum 2018"
• MIF Laying the First Brick of "Berytech Amchit"

Did you know?
IPT appeared in renowned publications such as: Lebanon Opportunities magazine, the Oil & Gas Handbook, and Fransabank's 2017 CSR report featuring green and sustainable IPT Stations. You can also read about ISO 9001:2015 recertification, the Fast & Free Diesel Delivery and the "IPT Fuel Gift Card". 

Download the full version of "Khallina 3a Ittisal- December 2018" and stay tuned!

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IPT Wishes you Happy Holidays ahead!