Sat Jun 02, 2018
Khallina 3a Ittisal: 6 Years of Perseverance!

IPT is proud to share with you the publication of issue 25 of "Khallina 3a Ittisal". The 25 issues so far are the result of 6 years of hard work and commitment to staying connected to you. From a simple external communication that links us together, Khallina 3a Ittisal evolved - throughout these years - with the growth of IPT, reflecting the achievements and vision of the company.
In this issue, IPT Group shares with you its latest news, achievements, events, and promotions starting with IPTEC projects & activities in energy sustainability, out of which we cite:

  • Launching the 2nd Edition of the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA 2018-2019)
  • Participation in The Lebanese National Energy Conference on: "Sustainable Energy in Lebanon from the 2020 Concrete Targets to the 2030 Visions"
  • Participation in AUB's Seminar on “Air Pollution from Generators and Vehicles"
  • Awards Distribution Ceremony of the Urb-Hackathon, Organized for the First Time in Lebanon after France & Korea
  • Supporting the Agrytech Hackathon

Also read about IPT's annual employees gathering 2018 themed "Fuel The Difference", and the "Advanced Communication Skills" professional Training conducted by the HR Department. 
Discover IPT's new and renovated Stations, and know more about Elf Summer Promotion 2018 that was recently launched in the occasion of the World Cup 2018.  

Download the full version of "Khallina 3a Ittisal- June 2018" issue and stay tuned! Click here to check all previous issues.