Wed Apr 11, 2018
IPTEC Participates in AUB's Seminar on “Air Pollution from Generators and Vehicles"

IPTEC participated on April 11 in the workshop held at AUB entitled “Air Pollution from Generators and Vehicles – How Severe and What Can Be Done”. The workshop that fell under IPTEC's Scope of Work, consisted of three presentations by AUB students, and was concluded by two round tables, with discussions and recommendations by students, faculty, and experts from the Ministries of Environment, Transport, and Energy; as well as the private sector, the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Environment Program, the United Nations Development Program, and IPTEC. The conducted studies found out the following:

  • In Hamra area, we have an average of 53% of the buildings that are equipped with diesel generators, where approximately 469 generators are presented in the area; 25% of these were at least 10 years old.
  • There are 1.8 million cars in Lebanon, this number is still increasing since 2005 at the rate of around 75,000 cars per year. The emissions of these cars are high because many of it is being imported, used, and doesn't meet international regulations, as well does not yield to a national scrappage scheme. The average age of the car fleet was found to be 19 years, which indicates that the majority of vehicles rely on old specifications and technology for emission. Read full news here.

For more info on "Air Pollution in Land Transport", read the study done by IPTEC, MoE and UNDP: "Road Transport Sector and Air Pollution- Case of Lebanon 2016".

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