Wed Nov 25, 2015
IPTEC’s President in the USJ Alumni Conference: Lebanon's Oil and Gas Reserves are an Opportunity for Energy Sustainability

IPTEC President, Dr. Toni Issa, also President of the Energy and Water Committee at the Beirut Bar Association, participated in a conference on the offshore oil and gas reserves in Lebanon and the role of the LPA in the exploration and production, which was held at Saint Joseph University, Social Sciences Campus, Huvelin.
In his intervention, Dr. Issa highlighted some of the facts about the Lebanese Offshore fields which show reserves of 80 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. He mentioned that this natural resource wealth can be a great opportunity for the country on the economic and financial level. In addition, he shed the light on the effective role that the LPA is playing in negotiating agreements and handling functions in the exploration and exploitation of offshore oil and gas resources in Lebanon to ensure a sustainable development of the sector in a well-defined legal framework and practices.
The event was convened in the presence of the president of the Alumni Association Judge Abbas El Halabi; the President of the LPA, also the head of the Legal Affairs Department, Me. Gaby Daaboul; the head of the Strategic planning Department at the LPA Mr. Walid Nasr; the head of the Economic and Financial Department at the LPA Engineer Wissam Zahabi; and the head of Technical and Engineering Department at the LPA Dr. Nasser Hoteit.