Mon Mar 23, 2020
IPT Remains on Duty!

During hard times, IPT remains on duty, and proves that it is here to stay and glad to serve you at all times! Hereby, we are glad to confirm that our headquarters, terminals, storage facilities, and our stations, are always operational to ensure the ultimate customer experience you are used to. 

For the safety and health of our employees regarding the Coronavirus, IPT, is able to maintain an appropriate workflow and an effective delivery of petroleum products to the stations and customers by implementing Plan B measures. This plan involves to operate part-time and reduce temporarily the attendance of its employees at the headquarters in Amchit as of 13/3/2020 and untill further notice, while other employees operate remotely from home. Check albums below.

Under the same framework, IPT has already undergone a total sanitization to all its premises, and is currently sanitizing its gas stations in order to ensure a safe and clean work environment to its employees and customers at once. In addition, the company is reinforcing strict health and safety measures among all its employees, and stakeholders during their stay in the premises.

Because your health and safety is our Top priority, we remain resilient to operate under very strict health and safety measures, everytime. As we remain committed to serving you as we always did, we are optimistic that the new period will bring better days for all of us!

  • For your Diesel Delivery, call the IPT Diesel hotline 76- 733337, or fill in this online application here.
  • For your Fuel Cards requests, call the Cards hotline 78- 822822, or apply online to any desired card by checking this page.
  • For your IPT Gas Solutions inquiries, call 76-455881.
  • For your inquiries or any product or service, please feel free to call us on 09- 624 111
  • If you have any Feedback, Comment, Suggestion, or Complaint about any product or service at any of our stations, please feel free to complete the شو رأيك Form.
  • To fill in a "Free Call Back" or "Contact" requests, visit our website:
  • We have also put at your convenience the following Hotline number 71- 624 111 to efficiently serve you anytime, anywhere.

You can also stay in touch with us on our social media platforms: Facebook- Instagram- Linkedin- Twitter- Youtube

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