Mon Sep 17, 2018
IPT Prepaid Fuel Card: Go Cashless, Get Rewards

“IPT Prepaid Fuel Card” is a smart fuel payment card that makes it easy for you! It allows you to control your fuel expenditure, and helps you save time by avoiding the hassle of cash payment. Totally customizable to fit your needs, the card can be used for many services at most IPT Stations. Most importantly, It is secured with a pin code, and can also be rechargeable upon your request. 

What else? It helps you get rewards!
The “IPT Prepaid Fuel Card” also enables you to accumulate loyalty points and redeem them with valuable prizes: IPT Prepaid Fuel Cards, Elf oil change, car wash, LaserWash, Grand Cinemas movie tickets, and much more. Check out the "IPT Prepaid and Gift Card Rewards Bundle 2018".
Do Not hesitate. Order Your Card Now!
The “IPT Prepaid Fuel Card” is ideal for everyone. If you are a student, employee, a driver, or simply anyone who roams the roads, do not hesitate to order your card now. You can Order it immediately online or by dialing our hotline 78- 822822, and we'll be glad to deliver it to you free of charge at your nearest IPT Station. Listen to Radio spot.

For more convenience, get to know about the Collection of IPT Fuel Cards for businesses and individuals with lots of benefits and advanced features.

IPT: Fuel The Difference!

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