Wed Jan 01, 2020
IPT 2020 Calendar: Commitment to Green Resolution

Welcoming 2020 with hope that the coming days will be better for our beloved country and everyone living in it!

Developing a positive mindset, the "IPT 2020 Calendar" was inspired by our green practices that are adopted at the office and have become a part of our organizational culture.

For the past 50 years, IPT partnered with the local community and worked closely with industry leaders in Lebanon and abroad to gain a wealth of experience and become a leader in the Lebanese market with a network of more than 200 service stations across the country.

As we grow, we always make sure our growth journey is a sustainable one, making sure it is embedded in every aspect of our daily operations. Therefore, we have been encouraging the efficient use of energy sources and striving to support communities to grow and prosper in adequate environments. 

Trusting that all starts from within, we engaged our staff and created a “Green Team”. This initiative worked to on implementing a green strategy that focuses on reducing energy use, reducing waste and making sustainable decisions.

Sharing our eco-friendly practices with you is our choice and our invitation for you to join us in what we believe are small steps that will make a big impact in everyone’s lives.

Download Calendar and Watch Animation to know more about our "2020 Green Resolution".

Wishing you a peaceful and green year ahead! 

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