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Wed Mar 10, 2021
Elf Lubricants: Because Quality is the Best Choice!

Beware of Poor Quality Lubricants! 

Given the current exceptional circumstances, consumers tend to lean towards the least expensive products in their purchases. This exposes them to buying products that may be spoiled, altered, or of very poor quality.
This is what we are seeing happen these days increasingly with motor oils. We are seeing a rise in cheap oils being marketed, whereby the buyer is most probably unaware of the severe car damage these oils can cause. While cheaper oils might save money in the short term, they increase risks of car damage, which will result in higher costs on the consumer at a later stage.

At IPT, we care about our customers and want to make sure our stakeholders are aware of the low quality oils available in abundance in the market. These oils can negatively affect engine performance, and in many cases, cause serious malfunctions and an eventual shutdown.

Quality is the right choice! 
Since the start, IPT has followed a strategy of differentiation that aims to develop products and services in line with the highest local and international standards. One of the moves that we did in that direction was our strategic partnership with the global giant Total in 2011. We signed an agreement to pool our resources and import refined products to the Lebanese market together, as well as IPT becoming the official distributor for Elf global oils in the country. 

This joint venture continues until date, following the establishment of a new company “Fuel Logistics Co. SAL”, which specializes in the provision of logistics services and the supply of petroleum products to Total and IPT in the Lebanese market.

IPT, Providing Expertise in the world of Lubricants 
Choosing the most suitable oil for your vehicle is the only guarantee to maintain your engine and keep it in good condition. 
Rely on IPT’s expertise and pick ELF. We make it easier for you to choose, as our experience and selection process throughout the years have shown us the advantages of ELF Lubricants.

Elf Lubricants’ Characteristics  
Elf is proud to be the first company in the world to create the synthetic oil technology. The most prominent aspect that enhanced Elf’s experience and leadership in the field was its partnership with well-known car manufacturers and international races such as Formula1. 
Elf Oils enables you to keep up with the most advanced industrial technology that includes:
• Maximum engine protection insurance 
• Less engine and car maintenance 
• Long-term effectiveness in severe weather conditions 
• Low fuel consumption 

IPT offers a full range of customized Elf oils and greases for various automotive and industrial machinery usage: 

• Motor oils (Petrol and diesel engines) 
• Vehicle oils that run on diesel and fuel 
• Industrial oils for laboratories and generators 
• Hydraulic oils and greases 
• Brakes and transmission oils 
• A selection of oils specialized for motorcycles 

Visit Elf Page, listen to radio spot, and watch video to know more. For more info or advice: 09- 624 111.