Thu Nov 14, 2019
Choose Eco-Friendly & Practical, Choose Laserwash!

It's time for you to start acting eco-friendly and considering the environment. For this, we recommend our ultimate car wash solution; LaserWash Touch-Free, exclusively available at IPT Stations. By choosing this advanced technology you will contribute to a better environment by saving up to 85% of water.

Fast and smart, Laserwash Touch-Free provides a 6-step car wash service that lead to amazing results:
1- Cleaning   2- Washing   3- Polishing   4- Surface Protection   5- Spot-free Rinse   6- Air Drying

Also known to be the most practical Car wash in town, IPT Laserwash guarantees you affordable prices and a clean vehicle in just 5 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Drive your way to the nearest IPT Station with Laserwash service. 

Click here to discover the Laserwash service near you here. 

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