For the past 50 years, IPT has worked closely with community partners and industry leaders in Lebanon and abroad, gained a wealth of experience and became one of the leaders itself in the Lebanese market with a network of more than 200 service stations across the country. 
Selected among the most inspiring business in Lebanon, IPT aspires to bring to fruition the quality of its products and accuracy of its services in a professional manner which requires timeliness, efficiency, efficacy, and good management. As we grow, we do not limit our activities to commercial activities only, but go further to incorporate sustainability in every aspect of our daily operations.  

We encourage the efficient use of energy sources and support communities to grow and prosper inadequate environments. Our growth strategy that we have adopted since 2006 is based on meeting our business mission statements by leveraging our experience and offering the best local solutions in line with our vision of being top-of-mind in providing better and trusted fuel in Lebanon. At IPT, we are convinced that integrity and honesty really matter and are the keys to customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.  

We are proud to say that we have earned our customers’ trust and confidence and we have successfully built a loyal customers’ database that became our corporate ambassadors in all Lebanon.  

In the face of the exceptional times we are undergoing, we are working hard to ensure we can keep serving our stakeholders. To stay on top, we followed three main pillars: IPT’s focus on the local community and ensuring our presence and growth across the country, our focus on health and safety challenges coming our way, as well as going even further and taking part in several social and environmental initiatives.  

Our aim is to find ways to adapt to the situation against all odds. Through our resilience, we hope we all emerge towards a brighter future in our country.

Michel Issa