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For the past 50 years, IPT has worked closely with community partners and industry leaders in Lebanon and abroad, gained a wealth of experience and became one of the leaders itself in the Lebanese market with a network of more than 200 service stations across the country. 
Towards Continuous Resilience

Established in the seventies during Lebanon's civil war, IPT learned early on to survive challenging times, proving successful in crises as well as prosperous times. Today, IPT is continues to be a success story that brings to the forefront more than forty years of experience in the oil and gas sector.

Even now, as the economic and social crisis worsens, IPT has been firm in its focus on resiliency, setting an extensive action plan in motion to ensure a support system for its team, partners, and customers. We supported remote areas by providing fuel for electricity and reinforced the academic and health sector for their fueling needs to ensure the continuity of life and basic needs for the Lebanese people. 

In 2020, IPT enters a new stage of development in the region. IPT Energy, launch in the UAE, is the first stop of this expansion. This move, despite the exceptional, hard times Lebanon is going through, reaffirms the resilience of IPT. IPT's goal is to continue and remain strong. To this end, IPT Energy has acquired a new facility in Sharjah, UAE and it will specialize in trading, storage and distribution of oil and gas services in the region.

We hope that despite the challenges we face, we keep having new milestones to achieve and celebrate, one year at a time. As we remain attached to our goal of continuous resilience,  we hope that we will see better and more prosperous time in Lebanon. In the meantime, we hope you will continue this success journey with us from Lebanon to the UAE and the region.

Michel Issa