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March 1, 2019

Lebanon is blessed with an abundance of water, wind and sun. Yet so far this potential is so far nearly not explored while citizens even in the center of Beirut face daily power cuts of at least three hours. So how could tapping the country’s renewables be an asset for the Government of Lebanon to provide stable electric services throughout the country? . By exploring clean energies, the relevant authorities could hit two birds with one stone in terms of environmental and economic benefits.  Moving towards clean energy would at the same time reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. This transition can also lead to political independence by protecting Lebanon from the impact of changing trends in energy markets.

We are now witnessing initial breakthroughs in the field with the recent allocation of power purchase agreements (PPAs) to three wind farms in Akkar (Riachi, 2018). However, private investors and other stakeholders still face harsh obstacles in the implementation of renewable energy projects. This study will elaborate on the prospect and the hurdles in the shift to hydraulic, wind and solar energy.

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