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March 15, 2019 

The Policy Paper for the Electricity Sector that was endorsed by the Council of Ministers in 2010 depicted the necessary initiatives needed to reform the Lebanese Electricity Sector in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply and quality of service while ensuring a balance in the sector’s fiscal budget and the elimination of its deficit.

The financial deficit of the Electric Utility EDL - Electricité Du Liban reached 1.8 billion $ in 2018. Many factors contributed to this situation; including: The freezing of the tariff at a level below the average cost of production, the operation of old power plants having low efficiencies and high operating costs, 16% technical losses, 21% non-technical losses and the burden of the Syrian refugees whose consumption has been estimated to be around 500 MW. All these factors, and the prevalence of many of these for the past 25 years, resulted in a cumulative debt of 30 billion $. Read more