Energy Library


April 22, 2016

The subject of securing electrical energy supplies from renewable and non-renewable sources today represents a strategic priority and a key
driver for achieving sustainable development in any community or in any nation.

This trend is clearly reflected in the strategies adopted by countries seeking to develop their energy sector, and in their continuing calls to expand the scope of use in their energy mix, not only as a feasible solution to meet the growing demand for energy, but also as a strategic option geared at the eradication of poverty and the improvement of opportunities for accessing water, food, health and education services, not to say the least, in the contribution to economic development.

Experts, academics and workers in this sector have always called on executives and decision-makers to take a strategic choice to generate enough energy so as to establish a lasting source that takes into account the need to protect the environment from consuming non-renewable fossil fuels, and to open up the way for upgrading social aspects, ecological balance, and economic efficiency. Read more