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Tue May 11, 2021
Top Oil Change Service at IPT- Hanaouay

Within less than a year, "IPT-Kefel station" in Hanaouay has become a trusted stop distinguished for its very high level of customer service namely in the oil change service. Since its opening in October 2020, "IPT-Kefel station" adopted the world-renowned lubricants brand "Elf". The station offers a complete range of Elf lubricants brought to you by IPT.

With 50 years of experience to its credit, Elf lubricants are the result of a complex and continually evolving chemical process coupled with extensive research and development. This ensures increasing vehicle performance, long lasting system life, and fewer visits to workshops. 

IPT offers a full range of customized Elf oils and greases for various automotive and industrial machinery usage. Discover the products here.

For more info or advice: 09- 624 111.