Wed Feb 12, 2020
Safety Comes First at IPT

At IPT, safety is a top priority. For this reason, and following our occupational QHSE Policy, we work hard and daily to preserve optimum safety to all our employees and stakeholders on our stations, headquarters and terminals.

  • At our stations: in addition to the adopted safety measures such as the use of safety signs, fire extinguishers, sandboxes, and first-aid kits, we make sure to continuously train our employees on high and international safety standards in order to guarantee safe and successful operations.
  • At our headquarters and "IPT Sustainable Station- Amchit": we installed the AED (Automated External Defibrillator), a machine that saves the lives of people undertaking a cardiac arrest.
  • At our terminals: our premises are equipped with a specialized room for Personal Protective Equipment where every visitor/contractor is well equipped and informed on safety guidelines before entering the terminals.

Worth-noting that IPT constantly organizes, in collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross and the Civil Defense, continuous training sessions for its employees on first-aid and firefighting, as well as on the usage of life-saving machines in urgent cases.