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Tue Nov 16, 2021
Read This Before Your Next Diesel Order

Poor quality Diesel fuel can be seriously harmful to your health, your engines, generators, heaters and the environment.  Choosing quality first is more important than ever for your health and for your savings. 
IPT Diesel meets Euro 4 and 5 standards and is imported directly from Europe. IPT Diesel reduces fuel consumption, allowing you to save money. It also has a very low sulfur content, and significantly reduces the maintenance costs of machinery and engines.

The unique and concentrated fuel technology of IPT Diesel makes it an ideal fuel for water boilers, heaters, and electrical generators. It helps engines run better without undermining their long-term performance.

It is suitable for a wide range of industrial uses and sectors, including: fueling power generators, heavy machinery, and construction equipment, marine exploration and excavation, hospitals and telecommunications and agriculture.

IPT Diesel is delivered directly to you through IPT's distribution tanks; all of our tanks are equipped with Italian meters to ensure exceptional accuracy when we deliver. With each delivery, you'll receive an official detailed invoice.

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