Thu Jul 05, 2018
Visit IPT Station Now Open in Qartaba, Jbeil District

When you fuel at IPT Stations, you know you fuel the best!
IPT "Bou Gharios" station newly joined our network of stations in Jbeil district. Located on the main road towards Qartaba, IPT "Bou Gharios" station gives you access to an array of quality products and services: Quantum 98 & 95, IPT Diesel, Elf lubricants, and car wash.

If you don't hold cash, soon we will Accept GoGas and the collection of IPT Fuel Cards. You can also benefit from the Elf summer offer to get a free cooler bag in the shape of a football upon every 5L of Elf oil change.
Whenever you are in the area, fuel with confidence at IPT "Bou Gharios" station where the quality of products and services meets IPT highest standards.

* Qartaba is a village in the Jbeil District of the Mount Lebanon governorate, Lebanon. It is located 54 kilometers north Beirut on the mountains above Byblos at an altitude of 1,250 meters. The town has large church square, and is surrounded by olive groves, mulberry orchards, and vineyards. In Syriac, Qartaba means "good, curing and balanced weather". Qartaba was once considered an important village in the Jbeil highland, a trade point for surrounding villages; Silk manufacturing flourished and in 1918, seven factories employed more than 500 people and much of the silk was exported to Lyon, France.

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