Thu Jun 22, 2017
IPTEC- Fabriano Contest Last Prize Remittance: "Walk and Bike More"

Following the Fabriano drawing contest prizes' series; the 15 years old Bachar Slim  who took part in the "IPTEC-Fabriano Drawing Competition 2016" won a scholarship from IPTEC as an appreciation of his marvelous creative drawing themed "Walk and Bike More". The last prize remittance ceremony took place on Thursday June 23 at Lycée Français Verdun where he was handed the prize in the presence of Fabriano Director in Lebanon Mr. Jean Claude Nahas.

As part of its sustainable energy awareness, IPTEC is always dedicated to educate future generation on the importance of eco-driving. Congratulations Bachar!

Check Bachar's drawing here, and the full album of the best drawings below.