Tue Jan 14, 2020
IPT "St. Elie" Station: New Member Joining Our Network in Antelias, Maten

Whenever passing by Maten area, you can never miss our "St. Elie" Station, recently joining our network in Antelias. Located on the Mtayleb-Antelias highway, "St. Elie" station complies with our branding guidelines and conveys the distinguished image of IPT. 

Once there, you will feel at ease thanks to the spacious size of the station, and the unique products and services;

The eco-friendly fuel Quantum, exclusively provided by IPT, is available to take care of your engines and decrease your fuel expenses while preserving the environment. The station also provides the European IPT Diesel that conforms to the Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards. Car wash, oil change and other services will soon be available.

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