Tue May 08, 2018
IPT "Haddad" Station in Zahle, Beqaa: Newly Renovated, and Solar Powered!

The weather is calling for a beautiful ride? We recommend a visit to Zahle, the capital of Beqaa. Known as the "Bride of Beqaa" and the "City of Wine and Poetry", Zahle is famous for its pleasant climate, beautiful riverside restaurants, and quality arak.

While on the road, don't miss the newly renovated IPT "Haddad" station, located on Zahle main road towards Tarchich. IPT "Haddad" Station, welcomes you with a fresh look and extended spaces to benefit from IPT top quality gasoline Quantum 98&95, IPT Diesel, Elf lubricants, IPT Fueling Cards, and car wash, in addition to Diesel distribution. Besides, the station has recently installed a photovoltaic solar system to enhance its energy performance and reduce the environmental impact of its operations (check album below).
Check the weather forecast, plan your journey ahead of time and enjoy!
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