Mon Apr 13, 2020
IPT Gas: Your Safe, Clean and Economical Home & Businesses Solution
Standing at the forefront of Gas Solutions and serving all market demands, IPT Gas Solutions are ideal for your home and business in many ways. IPT Gas Solutions encompass:

• Door–to–door distribution of propane and butane with capacities of 10 Kg and 35 kg, to stores and gas stations.
• Supplying bulk gas, with a free delivery service to homes and large businesses such as factories, restaurants and hotels. Our service also includes designing and installing central gas systems with above-ground and under-ground Italian tanks from Antonio Merloni; this service is provided by EQUIPT (member of IPT Group) which supplies these tanks with capacity of 500, 1000 and 1750, and they are ideal for kitchens, heating systems, chimneys, boilers, & barbecues, etc… known by their high standard and quality, these tanks are certified products that come with high corrosion resistant material, and are equipped with liquid and vapor phase delivery valves.

With our extensive offerings, competitive prices, fast and accurate service, we are here to ensure you a safe, efficient, clean and economical solution.