Tue Jan 11, 2022
IPT Gas Solution: Value of Safe, Secure And Natural Gas

We're here to meet all of your needs.

This is why we provide houses and apartment buildings with:

• Underground and above ground gas tanks installation
• Tank filling: These tanks are certified products with high stability, liquid and vapor phase delivery valves,         they are known for their high quality and safety standards
• Maintenance activities

IPT gas bottles are available in different sizes (10kg and 35kg) and can be found at different retail stores and gas stations all over Lebanon.

IPT gas bottles comply with the strictest safety standards. In addition to this, our LPG is bottled using an environmental friendly approach. By choosing IPT LPG, you’re helping us positively contribute to the community.

"IPT Gas Solutions" stands for a wide range of services. We cover the following areas in order to meet your evolving heating and cooking needs:
• Distribution and delivery of propane and butane gas cylinders to stores, gas stations, and factories
• Bulk services, tank filling, and propane distribution to industries, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and residences

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