Tue Feb 13, 2018
"IPT Fuel Gift Card": Order Your Valentine's Gift Now!

Are you late for Valentine's gift? Call us now on 78- 822 822 to order the IPT Fuel Gift Card, the perfect gift for all occasions.

Pamper your loved ones with this meaningful gift that gives them peace of mind every time they need to fill in fuel, change oil, and wash their car at most IPT Stations without the need to worry about cash. Presented in a unique gift box package, IPT Fuel Gift Card comes in four standard denominations of LBP 50,000, LBP 75,000, LBP 100,000 & LBP 200,000. Customized denominations can also be arranged instantly by calling IPT Card Service Center on 78-822 822IPT Fuel Gift Card enables its users to accumulate points and redeem them with valuable prizes from IPT Rewards Bundle.
For your orders, fill in the application here, or call us on our hotline and we will deliver it to you free of charge, at your nearest IPT Station. Click here to know where you can buy your card. 

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